May 2020

As the lines between work and off-duty blur, we pull together looks that require no planning in advance

For just smart casual stay-in days steeped in effortless style or just go with the flow 

Get that girl boss look instantly in utmost everyday wear comfort that also translates to comfortable, relaxing days & weekends

Opt for punchy and happy prints on graceful shapes that exude purely positive vibes only

Start counting the dots, not days and let's pastel or polka up our confines together with new drops coming to you Sun 10 May 2PM


Apr 2020

Simplicity redefined.  It's the little things in life that matter, like frilly hems and puff sleeves. 

Simple yet effective, work the runway at home with comfortable yet neat fitting styles presented in minimal silhouettes

Pleats & ruffles playfully trace every step you take, even in the confines of home.  Makes walking around home all the more enticing.

Zoom through your day in comfy swirls, stay professional yet pared-back in casual shirt dress styling.

Meant for all your double tap moments at home, stay on top of your WFH game with new drops coming to you Sun 3 May 2PM


Apr 2020

Home is where your style shines, endlessly.  R & R.  Rest, relax, chill & make yourself a tropical perk-me-up mojito to sip on!

Undeniably juicy, totally delicious and full of health benefits...

Visualize your own adventure in homegrown florals, cradled in the confines of home, jumping through flourishing arches and hoops.

Let your imagination take flight in nature trails chasing butterflies.  Who says we cannot live in colour at home?

Covering all comfy, demure bases, embark on homebound adventures to achieve that homestay glow with new drops coming to you Sun 26 Apr 2PM



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